Moscow, Marshal Proshlyakov Street, 30


RUSOIL GROUP was founded in 2013 as a major private company that provides services for the export of oil from the Russian Federation. After the company showed significant growth in its first year of operation, investment funds paid attention to it. Having built several credit lines, it was decided to develop not only the direction of exports, but also the extraction and processing of oil and gas.

Further development continued as rapidly as the start of work. It was merged with small mining companies and refineries. It is an interesting fact that at first it was planned to support an independent partnership and form a group of companies, but later it was decided to create a vertical structure within one organization for better control over the processes at all stages of exploration, production, processing and marketing of products.

At this stage, the company is independently engaged in both mining and processing of raw materials. We are constantly expanding our territory of presence, occupying more and more new markets. Such a large-scale expansion is possible due to the formation of a partner network for the sale of both raw materials and finished products in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Currently, RUSOIL GROUP is a sustainable and profitable company operating in a tirelessly growing market.