Moscow, Marshal Proshlyakov Street, 30


Due to continuous growth, RUSOIL GROUP always has open vacancies. We are ready to accept candidates for positions in the field of oil exploration and production of raw materials, and for senior positions.

Regardless of the profession, each employee passes a very strict selection, which allows you to create a staff of professionals in your field who can be trusted with any tasks and not be afraid for the quality and timing of their implementation.

Since the technologies in our field are developing at an unprecedented speed, we are constantly improving the skills of the already working personnel. In order to keep abreast of the times and technical progress, we opened the Center for Personnel Skills Improvement (CPSI).

CPSI is necessary for tracking technological innovations in our field of activity and drawing up new ones, as well as updating the already implemented training programs. It is our training center that allows us to keep the skills of our employees at such a professional level.