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Since RUSOIL GROUP is a full-cycle company, we are engaged in research, production, processing and export of petroleum products, at some point it was decided to develop its own network of pipelines from raw materials to the nearest refinery.

In addition to our own pipelines, our company actively uses pipelines from other operators. This allows to reduce the investment load and corporate expenses for the development of its network, thanks to fixed relations with large Russian operators. Also, reliable relationships help to achieve a fairly low rate for the use of pipelines for exporting our products outside the Russian Federation.

Currently, about 84% of the oil exported outside Russia falls into the pipeline system. Of the remaining 16% – 13% is accounted for by rail and the remaining 3% by river and water. The only operator of oil pipelines in Russia is Transneft, JSC, which accounts for 97% of the transportation of all oil produced in the country. The pipeline system of the company with a total length of more than 217 thousand kilometers, of which 46.7 thousand km. accounts for oil pipelines and 19.3 thousand km. – on oil product pipelines, connects the main oil and gas regions of Russia with the sales markets in Western and Eastern Europe.