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Processing products is for us one of the most budget-oriented activities. At our refineries at the same time operate several parallel lines of processing of raw materials, and finished products are sold in two main areas:

This flexibility allows us to simultaneously expand the territory of our presence, develop markets throughout the world and at the same time remain in reliable partnership with Russian companies.

Oil products supplied by us meet all Russian and international quality standards, have all the necessary certificates of conformity and meet the most stringent requirements. All this is possible thanks to the continuous improvement of working conditions, technologies, optimization of the production process and equipment upgrades at our refineries.

Since RUSOIL GROUP is far from being a new player in the oil products market, our specialists have developed and implemented one of the most stringent and sophisticated product quality control systems. Each batch of a manufactured product, regardless of its size and of exactly which market it is intended for (Russian or foreign), goes through a quality control procedure for more than 150 items. This approach allows our company to be a supplier of first-class refined products and meet absolutely all the requirements that are relevant today.